4 mars 2024


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Korité célébrée ce Mardi Aux États Unis d’après le Fiqh Council of North America

Eid Celebration Announcement

As Salamu Alaykum Wa RahmatuLLahi Wa Barakatuh

Please join us to celebrate the Eid tomorrow in sha Allah.

Tomorrow(Tuesday), June 4th is the first day of Shawal (Eid Al Fitr Day) according to Fiqh Council of North America.

Location: ICFA Masjid

Address: 740 Delafield Ave Staten Island NY 10310

Time: 8:45 AM

Let us not forget to pay our Zakatul Fitr before Eid prayer starts. The Masjid collects Zakatul Fitr.

May Allah accept our Siyam & Qiyam and all our Ibadat Ameen.

Eid Mubarak!!!

Mouhamed M Sakho

Islamic Cultural Foumfation of America (ICFA)Inc